Born and raised in Hollis, Queens this singer, songwriter known to many as a power house full of performance and vocals has surely paid her dues as an amazing Indie artist. Opening up for Revolts release party to BET's Music To Matter while still doing her own thing with Class, Soul and Hit after Hit we can only expect the best from this young lady. Releasing her 1st album entitled ' Caesar ' was definitely an ear opener for lovers of REAL music. Lydia takes this album to the streets for all the ladies! Releasing 2 singles titled ' Lottery ' and ' St. Louis ' which were both aired on BET as well as Lottery being played on Power 105 it's no wonder TWR has her on our radar! Currently she's in the studio working on album #2 scheduled to release in 2015 and we can't wait to hear what Lydia has cooking up her sleeves this time. So enjoy the journey with us as we introduce to you LYDIA CAESAR.

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