Creluxe Creative Media is a group of young ladies by the name of Courtney, Shonna and Bianca. Best known for Visual Creation, Designing, Marketing Merchandising and PR Promoting they came together to form a new Team of Social Media Ad-visors. Where they help people build their artistry and brand up creating Ideas that make you unique and UN normal than the usual. Creluxe is a creative crew that works with Phatt House Entertainment for The Writerz Rumble. TV's Newest hit Reality show by Shanell Red, a very well known and respected business woman in the industry. We create, we design, we market, we write, we do photography, we do graphics & we give artists different lanes to be in whether you're a painter, designer, singer, rapper or DJ and so forth. With our team being diverse with different skills we can solidify your vision, your goals and bring them to life. You can catch Creluxe client ' Pracise ' on VH1 Black Ink. As we build our clientèle you will experience and discover that Creluxe Creative Media have alot to offer and sky's the limit.

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HI-5 "Different Kiss"

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