Charlie Mac

Charlie Mac is a Music Entrepreneur, music publisher, music supervisor, music producer, composer, songwriter, recording engineer, distributor, public speaker, consultant, author, executive producer, film maker, and a highly sought after A&R executive, with years of experience in the music business. He works with all genres of music. Charlie Mac is primarily a music producer, with over 5200 registered titles with BMI, and has an extensive background in licensing music. For the last few years his company MAC A MILLION DOLLAR MAN MUSICK has averaged around 3000 placements per year. It is essentially a publishing company that works with all genres of music, representing 80+ plus artists, bands, songwriters, producers, composers, etc. In 2017 MAC A MILLION DOLLAR MAN MUSICK had a total of 5,676 placements, and more than 43 million units sold, downloaded, and streamed! The company owns several websites, most of which are music, media, and film related, including Wutz Hood Radio, A fully licensed, award winning, internet radio station, that only plays independent Hip Hop, Pop, and R&B, and MACFLY FILMS a small film company. Charlie Mac was the VP of A&R for Makaveli Music Group, during which time Afeni Shakur signed a document, giving the label permission to use Tupac's name and likeness in association with Makaveli Music Group. Charlie Mac is constantly producing music, and writing songs on numerous artists, and record label related projects, and even landed a placement on the iconic Public Enemy Album "Nothing Is Quick In The Desert". Charlie Mac has a label deal with Chuck D's label, and has produced a number of records featuring Chuck D, and his artists. Charlie Mac is a consultant for H-Town, The Paul Anthony Cancer Foundation, (Full Force), Wreckshop Nation, (Wreckshop Records) and countless others. Charlie Mac is has a distribution deal through The Orchard, (Sony) and is part owner of a new privately owned Distribution company X-Stream Music Distribution. Charlie Mac is the music supervisor/music consultant for multiple films and TV shows such as 5th Ward the series, My BFF, and One Crazy Christmas. Charlie Mac is the President of Team MASHN Sound Design West, a company owned by Diamond Platinum Producer Keith Clizark. Charlie Mac is also a writer for Street Motivation Magazine, an American hip hop magazine, and a writer for Occhi Magazine an a American fashion, and lifestyle magazine.