Alex Antonio Tillman provides an array of talent and experience to the entertainment industry, with a background as a singer, songwriter, musical producer, television producer, promoter, motivational speaker, moderator and above all business man. Experience: Alex Tillman became a household name at a young age and established a place for himself as an entertainer in the Chicagoland area. Born and raised in the Englewood neighborhood, Alex started out as a DJ and dancer for a community youth group that promoted stop the violence. His popularity landed him a promotion and management deal with Helen Wooten Associates & Management. This deal moved him into radio commercials and a television documentary with Redd Foxx, Curtis Blow and Cab Calloway. This would be the beginning of many opportunities for Alex. Alex has performed publically or worked with many well-known artists such as Run DMC, LL Cool J, Jazzy Jeff, Will Smith, En Vougue, R Kelly, Whodini, Doug E Fresh, Slick Rick, Public Enemy NWA, and more. After returning to Chicago, Alex enrolled in Music College. Over the years, Alex has become actively involved in promoting music in schools, political campaigns, and multiple positions with record labels, reality television and more. Working Experience: Vinton Records – Production DealTonik Records – Vice PresidentStreet Flavor Records – President of A & RCBS RecordsAMC Records – President of MidwestMOB Records

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