Dennis D.Gatez McCalla

Fort Greene Brooklyn native Dennis "D.GATEZ" McCalla is no stranger to hard work, dedication, and creativity. He has his own flavor when it come to making music. With his take of creative drum patterns, futuristic sounds, live instrumentation, and arrangements, hands down it has been proven that D.GATEZ is a force to be reckoned with. He has worked on numerous projects, as either a producer, live musician, or as a recording engineer. His appreciation of all things artistic can be directly attributed to his rich musical background. His mother was a promising singer/dancer on the famous Ed Sullivan variety show, his father played piano and his sisters sang and played instruments as well. No doubt the result of a successful combination of nature and nurture. His talent allowed him to perform with distinguished community choirs like the "Donald Francis and New Relationship Choir" and to even eventually work with legendary recording tandem Lisa Fischer.

Thru the years his flourishing talents afforded him the chance to play and record alongside a wide range of acts such as Danny Eason and Abundant Life, the late great god father of gospel Pastor Timothy Wright, Mary Mary, John P. Kee, Damita Haddon, Sean "P. Diddy" Combs, and a host of other celebrated artists. As a graduate of the Institute of Audio his mastery of the track board and his keen ear for sounds landed him jobs working with such recording companies as Bad Boy Records, Arista, Universal Entertainment and Sony.

As D.Gatez matured and his extensive music industry experience grew, he decided to truly become his own man and launched Critical Sounds Productions (C.S.P.) Today, D.Gatez continues to compose and produce records for various artists with his eyes firmly set on the horizon and the recording charts. D.Gatez deftly manages his multiple talents and takes enormous pride in being his own man with his own bold sound and his own identity. Welcome to the future of music.