vaughn mack

Mr. Vaughn "Vaughn Mack" Makason came to New York City by way of South Carolina in the summer of 2003. He Landed a job within a week and a half on his own doing wholesale marketing from business-to-business in every borough of New York including Staten Island. With commision not his mission, he held that position for a cool month and a half. One day while getting off of work earlier than usual heading home back to Brooklyn, Vaughn Mack was accosed by a man edging him to take a flyer from his hand as Vaughn Mack was passing. Well what turned out to be a few minutes of observing Vaughn Mack from a distance from this somewhat out of nowhere guy, just only happened to be a two-time national award-winning writer/producer/director/actor names J.D. Lawrence from Long Island. Unbeknowest to Vaughn Mack who this man was, he gave Vaughn Mack a papper about an audition a blok or two away which was really convinient to his humbl abode two blocks away as well equally! He aced every part of the audition and was the instant favorite and best talent they had seen so far in the days of casting and auditions! To make a long story short, as they say in the Entertainment Business: "The rest is history!"

Vaughn Mack went on to professionally start his acting/male modeling/host/MC/dancing/DJ/promotions career full-scale blast and held firtst into the Entertainment Business. Since he feet-hit-the-floor running approach and can-do winningattitude never let up, he has worked with/initiated/co-produces and organized/done marketing/promotions/casted for and with: The 40th Anniv. Ford Mustang with Miss Universe Jaime-Lynn Dyscala, Olympus and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Weeks, FLOSS Magazine, XXL Magazine, Source Magazine, Stuff Magazine, Sean John, Rocawear, Azzure, FUBU, Troop, Raggamundo Cloting Collection, Baby Phat, Apple Bottom Jeans by Nelly, HOT97FM, Z100, WBLS, 98.7 KISS FM, Power 105.1, LA KALLE, BET, MTV, CRUNCK ENERGY DRINK, ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK, VITAMIN WATER, SNAPPLE, CIROC VODKA, NUVO, HENNESSEY BLACK, EVERGLO, HPNOTIQ, ALIZE, RED CAFE'S SHAKEDOWN ENTERTAINMENT, AKON'S KONVICT MUZIK, JAY-Z'S ROC-A-FELLA RECORDS, 50 CENT'S G-UNIT RECORDS, JIVE RECORDS, VILOATOR MANAGEMENT, P DIDDY'S BAD BOY ENTERTAINMENT/SEAN JOHN WORLDWIDE, RUSSELL SIMMONS' RSMG (MUSIC GROUP), ATLANTIC RECORDS, KOCH RECORDS; COUNTLESS VENUES, DINERS/EATERIES, PONTIAC, CADILLAC, CHEVROLET, VERIZON, T-MOBILE, BOOST MOBILE, AND SO MUCH MORE

In his first year alone, Vaughn Mack achieved more in less than a year then most people have done in 5-10 years alone consistentlyand actively! He even garnered the attention from all the "big-wigs" at thes various fortune 100 and 500 companies respectively so much so, that Diddy himself offered Vaughn Mack a personal protege' position with Mr. Sean Combs that still stands today! Mr. Vaughn Mack is extremely influential, highly respected and touted, emplifying that he is truly indeed the definition of a mver/shaker/industry taste-maker! So go with Vaughn Mack and he too shall exponentially increase the successes of your company as well, fit tailor-made just for you, soaring to even greater heights than ever before!